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  • GHMT AG – a success story with a bright future

    About us. Founded in 1992 under the name of "Gesellschaft für Hochfrequenz-Messtechnik mbH", we have specialized for more than 25 years in high-end engineering services for physical transmission reliability. After starting out as a leading accredited test laboratory with recognized neutrality and an excellent reputation, we have now established ourselves as internationally recognized EMC and radio experts in a number of high-profile large-scale projects.

    Our vision. We are the number one when it comes to cabling & systems, EMC in facilities and wireless applications. Our extraordinary customer focus and the commitment of our staff provide a solid basis for identifying customer requirements and developing bespoke services. Every day we seek to overcome technical challenges in complex environments, and develop new and innovative solutions. We are happy to share our project success and work closely with end users, planners, manufacturers and system integrators alike.

    The head start. Dedication to our cause, state-of-the-art expertise from more than 10,000 projects and a clear advantage in terms of know-how from working in national and international committees (DKE, CENELEC and IEC working groups) ensure practical and cost-effective solutions in line with the latest standards.



    Statement / Testimonial Dirk Wilhelm: I have been at the helm of this constantly evolving company since more than 20 years. We have greatly expanded our fields of business and made sure our employees have cutting-edge technical skills. Our corporate culture is to continuously improve both ourselves and our solutions and this is confirmed at regular intervals by our customers and partners. Our workforce is extremely motivated: performance is consistently high and deserves great respect. We do our very best to satisfy increasingly demanding customers. Yet mistakes can be made. If something is not the way it should be, please contact me directly. I promise we will find a solution.