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  • since digital networking requires an integrated system analysis!

    The situation: In order to ensure physical data transmission for the electronic exchange of information in modern automobiles, the passive transmission channels and active network components used are tested and assessed in individual approval procedures. Traditionally individual components and their interfaces are tested to a large extent in an isolated fashion in well-defined test scenarios. Even if every individual component meets the full set of requirements laid down in the test procedures, the exchange of information in the overall system, which consists of passive and active components, may be limited or might not work properly. If shortfalls of individual components are only discovered after installation or during operation, this may cause costly repairs and loss of image for automobile manufacturers in the market.

    Our solution: both the functionality of individual components and the interaction of components within the overall systems must be analysed on the basis of measurements in accordance with the available test procedures in order to ensure physical data transmission in systems as a whole. GHMT has developed an advanced pioneering test procedure, which is generally referred to as GHMT application integrated system test, for the purposes of further assessing the interoperability of individual system components and interfaces as a whole. This test is based on a test plan that consists of several interoperability tests. The target is to test and assess cable-based channels and the interaction of active system components in an application-oriented manner so as to be able to make a holistic statement on interoperability within the overall system.

    Your added value: the interoperability tests of the GHMT application integrated system test allow us to test and assess the functional behaviour of the data transmission system, which consists of communicating network interfaces in combination with the transmission channel used with regard to signal quality and bit error rate. To this end, the accredited test laboratory operated by GHMT AG performs application-oriented system tests.
    The results of the precise measurement-based tests are documented in great detail in a test report. The GHMT application integrated system test is able to provide crucial insights as early as during the development phase of system components and thus helps to reduce time to market.