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  • Recognized approval test for automotive manufacturers

    Delivery specifications define stringent quality requirements to be met by high-frequency automotive cables. In addition to the car makers who are members of the German automotive industry association VDA (Verband der deutschen Automobilindustrie), various car manufacturers abroad require independent proof of compliance with these delivery specifications to be furnished by an accredited test laboratory. GHMT AG brings in their expertise, making a substantial contribution to creating the corresponding delivery specifications by way of validating the relevant test methods and by performing reference measurements in the VDA working groups.     

    On the basis of the findings obtained, GHMT AG created process-optimized test plans. GHMT AG has been validated and recognized by car markers for the following tests:

    Delivery specifications (excerpt):

    •    LV 122 (twisted cables)
    •    LV 212-1/-2 (sheathed cables for motor vehicles / shielded sheathed cables)
    •    LV 213-1/-2 (coaxial / non-coaxial cables for motor vehicles)
    •    LV 214-4 (motor vehicle contacts)
    •    LV 215-1 (high-voltage connectors)
    •    LV 216-1/-2 (high-voltage cables)
    •    LAH V03 825 D / LAH.4F0.035.Q (HSD)
    •    Various further car makers' proprietary test specifications of

    Manufacturers of balanced and coaxial cables and of connectors rely on the approval tests of GHMT AG to be able to present results that are accepted by automobile manufacturers. We also perform tests in accordance with your customized specifications to during product development.