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  • IWCS - The International Cable Connectivity Symposium 2015

    GHMT on the big stage for cabling and connectivity Technologies.

    This year, the 64th International Cable Connectivity Symposium took place in Atlanta/Georgia/USA from October 5-9. The event has always been a meeting point for all the major players in the IT wire and cabling market.

    The IWCS committee has been placing great emphasis on the high quality of the talks given by internationally renowned speakers. Exhibitors and visitors also come from all over the world.

    Having presented the coupling attenuation parameter developed by GMHT to the IWCS back in 1997, it was now time to pass on the experience gathered over 18 years of practical application to the expert world.

    In his presentation "EMC Performance of Cabling Systems - Coupling Attenuation", Stefan Grüner, head of the GHMT AG certified test laboratory, explained why the coupling attenuation parameter was gaining importance at international level, not least since the introduction of the next level of transmission rates, be it 25/40 or 100 Gbit Ethernet, and the ensuing high transmission frequencies.

    The coupling attenuation transmission parameter can be used to establish reproducible proof of EMC characteristics taking into account the balanced test equipment, including the test adaptation required, the correct handling of the test set-up and the implementation of the test.

    The results explained also show that the quality of the cabling systems plays an ever more important role. Every individual cabling system and every individual component must meet certain quality specifications to ensure their suitability for the future according to the state of the art.

    Stefan Grüner therefore also recommended that the individual components of the balanced cabling system must be subject to continuous and transparent testing for their conformity with standards. This proof must always be established by an independent test laboratory that is experienced in the test processes to be used and ideally also accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025.

    In addition to the technical presentations at the Symposium, the affiliated trade show also provided valuable opportunities for further talks and the exchange of knowledge. More than 60 respected exhibitors offered visitors a comprehensive source of information and innovation.

    We would like to thank the IWCS Committee for the excellent organisation and are looking forward to seeing you again, perhaps at Providence/Rhode Island next year.