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  • Making the best use of high-quality test equipment

    The situation:

    The ever-increasing use of non-linear consumer loads with systems prone to causing interference, such as those controlled by frequency inverters, often leads to the power supply itself causing equipment and system breakdowns. A adequate power supply is key. A large number of operators have already recognized this and to avoid failures, have come to rely on permanently installed meters to monitor quality in the grid. This is certainly a very important first step.
    We know that such investment does not prevent interference caused by power supply issues, which is often due to incorrect meter configuration or defective / non-continuous analysis that fails to detect critical tendencies in time. Insufficient attention is paid to detailed analysis because staff responsibilities or priorities change within workflows. Despite investment in permanently installed meters, there is still interference potential that may manifest itself unexpectedly in the form of a massive breakdown.

    Our solution:

    GHMT Power Quality Monitoring offers a long-term and targeted approach to optimize power supply parameters and detect critical changes early on. Our experienced specialists will help you develop a property-specific concept to optimize the settings of any permanently installed monitoring devices. We evaluate the results at regular intervals and document them in compliance with audit requirements. Our analysis helps to detect any irregularities early on. If required, GHMT's own calibrated network analyzers will be used for even more detailed analysis and optimization beyond standard requirements. Our instruments take measurements in the "non-standardized" frequency range, in which more and more interference occurs. We will of course also provide advice if limit values are exceeded and breakdowns occur, and propose suitable corrective measures.

    Your added value:

    GHMT Power Quality Monitoring is a key step towards continuous monitoring of network quality and thus long-term avoidance of system / installation interference or breakdown. Investment in meters is protected in the long term and yields the desired results in conjunction with this service.