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  • Independent testing to guarantee safety for quality-conscious customers

    The situation: Many data network technology providers claim that their products comply with a certain category or performance class. But data sheets or manufacturer certificates can be arbitrary since users are rarely able to verify such claims. Offers are therefore not comparable, with unfair competition between providers and a lack of transparency for users.


    Our solution: Whether copper or fiber optic, all cabling products are subject to thorough and independent GHMT type approval testing in order to verify based on measurements whether or not they comply with the pertinent standards. We do so on behalf of providers with the quality-conscious user in mind. The test samples are provided by the party commissioning certification. If the test result is positive, we issue a certificate relating to the standards tested and the product sample, and can also add it to the public listing on our homepage. Since both design and product details can change during the lifetime of a product and impact certification of the parameters measured, the certificate is granted for a limited period of time only. It is however possible to have the product re-certified upon expiry of the certificate.


    The added value for you: For providers of standard products with discerning, quality-conscious customers, recognized GHMT type approval testing offers compelling selling points and sets us apart from the large number of providers who do not offer independent proof of quality. GHMT type approval testing is also THE way in to the Central European cabling market.

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