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  • Our job: to ensure the smooth operation of your radio system

    Your requirement: Are you facing the challenge of implementing or expanding a radio network in an approach that is well-balanced in technical and economic terms, or optimizing an existing infrastructure? ?Do you want analysis of the benefits, drawbacks and risks of the potential radio solutions from development through to operation and a guarantee of their efficient and smooth operation?


    Our approach: Our tried and tested approach of end-to-end radio system analysis supports planners, operators and manufacturers for the entire service life of a customized radio solution. This includes, for example, the lean design of radio networks taking into account custom requirements. We help with the introduction and operation of bespoke frequency management to ensure the co-existence of different radio systems. Our approach also includes measurement-based checks of the radio interface of mobile terminals for compliance with operational requirements and joint development of a concept for the smooth operation of the radio application.


    The aim: Our approach makes technical and economic sense and ensures smooth operation of radio applications throughout their entire lifecycle.