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  • ... no more radio interference

    The situation:
    Radio applications in the unregulated frequencies ("ISM bands") are an important part of business processes. But liberalized and free use of frequency can result in unforeseen faults, which in turn can lead to severe loss of production or downtime. These faults are caused by mutual interference between radio systems working on the same frequency bands or even channels. Any such collisions can be avoided by integrating appropriate frequency or radio service management at any stage from the run-up to procurement to the setting-up of sites or at the latest during troubleshooting.

    Our solution:
    In close cooperation with you, our tried and tested approach is used to measure, localize and document all radio systems in your business environment. The radio systems are incorporated in the "RNM" (Radio Network Management) module, a joint development with FNT, and can be managed efficiently and centrally by the system from this point onwards. You and your colleagues will be trained by us in workshops to become professional frequency managers since the tool is very user-friendly.

    The added value for you:
    This approach, coupled with frequency management in accordance with VDI 2185 or IEC 62657-2, puts an end to radio interference. The approval process makes it fast and easy to ensure smooth operation without radio interference. It also makes it easier to opt for new radio systems or prohibit their use.