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  • …for WLAN client functionality

    The situation: Driven by the rapid development of modern business processes, WLAN applications make a substantial contribution to the economic efficiency of your company. Yet despite proven stable WLAN coverage, faults occur and critical business processes break down, often as a result of WLAN terminal equipment.

    Our solution: Our tried and tested patented approach includes measurement-based analysis of the WLAN functionality of terminal equipment, ideally before an order is placed. The measurements are based on practical requirements that have been jointly defined. Precise mapping of the WLAN infrastructure is used to identify and assess any irregularities and risks before the client becomes operational. The reproducibility of the results is guaranteed since the measurements used to determine statistical data are taken several times and the relevant parameters are analyzed at protocol level.

    The added value for you: WLAN client certificates significantly reduce the risks associated with the use or rollout of your WLAN client. They also determine the optimum settings and provide recommendations on how to use the client in your WLAN infrastructure. This in turn simplifies the commissioning process, offers protection against poor investments and facilitates sound operation of your terminal equipment throughout its entire lifecycle.