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  • Reliable, low-cost radio coverage from the outset

    The situation
    The rapid development of modern communications technology has meant that all kinds of radio systems are now part and parcel of building services and business processes. Increasing user requirements in terms of quality of service and bandwidth as well as the increasing number of mobile applications even in business-critical areas require the use of advanced radio systems such as mobile radio communication or WLAN. And all this calls for professional design. Modern building regulations also require the availability of wireless communication for fire services. In short, reliable and cost-efficient radio coverage is a must.

    Our solution:
    Radio network design provides the best technical and economically efficient solution for radio services above 150 MHz. Our simulation- and measurement-based process facilitates precise radio coverage forecasting and efficient radio network design and optimization. This in turn offers significant technical and economic benefits for new builds and complex industrial environments in particular. All previous measurement results regarding material properties relevant for radio technology are included in the process to give you the full benefit of our experience. State-of-the-art wireless communication infrastructures require radio engineering and IT expertise: we offer both.

    The added value for you:
    We provide thorough planning for all radio systems from a single source, thereby offering you the resulting synergies in the form of technical and economic benefits. We can also offer optimization of the total load from electromagnetic fields, which if required, may be used to provide auditable proof of safety with regard to electromagnetic interference.