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  • Ensuring EMC in plants and systems

    The situation:

    Do you design or operate high-availability data centers, production plants or other facilities? Do you use sensitive instrumentation, control and automation technology or IT equipment? Then look no further than EMC-based design for avoiding interference.

    Our solution:
    Numerous troubleshooting projects in plants with EMC problems coupled with a whole range of studies and analyses in our laboratory have shown that EMC in buildings and plants can only be guaranteed with a comprehensive approach.
    Back in 1995 we developed the "GHMT 5-column model", which facilitates end-to-end analysis of EMC even in extensive plants and systems.
    Our model offers a systematic, structured and project-related approach to topics such as electromagnetic environment, equipotential bonding and electrical power supply, lightning and interference protection, cabling, terminals and operating resources.
    Step by step, our EMC protection concept analyzes the effects of potential sources of interference on the basis of calculations and simulations or on-site measurements and draws up corresponding protective measures for the individual functional areas as design specifications. Our specialist planners check whether these specifications are taken into account during the planning and tendering process, as well as in execution and installation during the construction phase.
    Our experienced practitioners advise on the implementation of protective measures in liaison with the client, planners and construction specialists throughout the course of the project.

    Your added value:
    Since 1995, we have integrated the GHMT EMC protection concept and checked its implementation during construction in more than one hundred ambitious projects. By taking EMC requirements into account at the planning stage, we achieve greater degrees of freedom as regards protective measures and thus reduce costs. Many protective measures are a feature of building construction and result in comprehensive protection across all functional areas with no redundancies or gaps. This is protection based on pure fact, not instinct.