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  • Systematic planning early on to guarantee high availability

    Your challenge: The increasing integration of IT systems and other electronic measuring and control systems into business processes makes companies increasingly dependent on the reliable operation of these systems. Outages or malfunctions can have a dramatic impact. Nowadays damage to persons, image or property far exceeds the actual material damage of old. Those who build and operate such systems must therefore be clear on any risks resulting from electromagnetic interference and put the requisite protective measures in place.

    Our solution: Since 1992 our ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY (EMC) IN FACILITIES division has relied on systematic and comprehensive examinations to analyze the risks related to "electromagnetic compatibility" (EMC) in airports, industrial facilities, power plants, control centers, test rigs, data centers, etc. Our experience has shown that EMC protection measures are effective even in extensive facilities with stringent availability and precision requirements. The sooner EMC protection measures are incorporated in the planning stage, the lower the cost of implementation. A technically and economically sound solution must cover all aspects and be based on the actual risk.

    Your partner: GHMT AG. We develop customized solutions to guarantee the electromagnetic compatibility of sensitive operational systems at all times. Whether you are planning a new build or modifying existing plants or buildings, speak to us. Our experienced team will be on hand throughout all planning stages to assist in the management of large-scale projects. In addition to our expertise in consulting, the development of concept specifications and expert opinions, we also offer technical support thanks to our wide-ranging and calibrated high-quality measuring equipment.