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  • Be sure of your network performance

    The situation:
    Structured IT cabling is the backbone of every network infrastructure. Interference and breakdowns can cause considerable consequential costs since the passive infrastructure is used to create a great deal of added value. The acquisition cost of the passive network infrastructure does not reflect the high level of added value it brings so that its importance is often underestimated and its quality not protected sufficiently.

    Our solution:
    Ensuring high-availability IT cabling requires both careful planning and precise specifications but also good product quality and correct installation. The GHMT IT Check analyzes the installed passive network infrastructure using a structured approach of visual inspection and measurement using high-quality test processes from our accredited laboratory. If these inspections are carried out early on in the project, systematic installation faults can be detected, thus preventing the multiplication of such faults later.


    Your added value:

    The findings of the GHMT IT Check are presented in a test report that is compliant with audit requirements, which also contains a list of action items alongside any deficiencies. We also present our results in technical discussions with those involved in the project. The GHMT IT Check also provides network administrators with clear information as to whether or not the existing IT cabling system is suited for 1GBase-T or 10GBase-T applications, whether the components used are mutually compatible and whether the desired performance level is achieved.