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  • Consistent and transparent proof of high quality standards

    The GHMT PREMIUM Verification Program (GHMT PVP) helps manufacturers of high-quality products demonstrate this quality in a consistent and transparent manner.

    This program is used to check individual components such as horizontal cabling, connection components and also patch cables. It is based on current national and international standard specifications, such as EN 50173-1, ISO/IEC 11801-1 and IEC 61935-2. We also offer test plans for fiberoptic assemblies.

    The GHMT PVP is based on an agreement between GHMT AG and the product provider/manufacturer. The agreement includes, among other things, regular sampling, which must not be influenced by the manufacturer, and subsequent measurement-based analysis. In the process, stringent requirements must be met:


    • Test specimens are sampled by GHMT AG themselves both at resellers and within the framework of projects, which means that GHMT AG checks exactly the products that will be delivered to the end customer.

    • In addition, EVERY product tested must meet the requirements laid down in the relevant specification documents.

    • A website specifically set up for listing the products tested always shows the current state of the test (ok/fail) on the basis of a traffic-light color code, which is transparent to all market players.


    Such stringent requirements enable participants to strive for continuously high product quality. More and more well-known users and planners are demanding GHMT PVP certification, which allows manufacturers to advertise their high-quality products with a widely recognized seal of quality. It also gives them access to users to whom high quality standards matter.